Professional Diploma in Digital Film Making

The course lays a strong foundation in art, fundamentals of filmmaking, idea development, screenwriting, character design, storyboarding, expression, motion graphics, animation through traditional 2D drawings to 3D computer animation and more experimental animation and visual effect, editing, sound and music, design and stylization for a short animation film which will take projects from script to screen.


Multimedia and Animations Courses

Diploma in Multimedia and Animation
Diploma in Film Editing
Diploma in Graphic Designing
Certificate for Filmmaking
Certificate in Digital Animation
Certificate in Visual Effects
Diploma in Interior Designing
Certificate in Digital Image Editing
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Flash
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere Pro
Professional Diploma in Film Editing
Professional Diploma in Multimedia
Professional Diploma in Film Production
Professional Diploma in Multimedia and Advertising
Professional Diploma in Animation Film Making
Professional Diploma in Creative Art and Design
Professional Diploma in Creative Media and Advertising